Tow the Line.

Trailers have long been the friend of busy Powered Access Hirers. The ideal tool when logistics are stretched and the need to satisfy and deliver safely is high. 

With the correct understanding of the law and how to tether, trailers are easy to load, safe to use providing a nimble, no-nonsense solution.

A recent example of this was when frequent Pinnacle Platforms customer UpHire UK, ordered 2 x 1932SE, 7.6m working height Sinoboom, Scissor lifts. 

The order came through on a Friday, the machines were both available and were collected from our distribution hub, on one trailer, the next morning. 

The 1932SE is just 0.81m wide, with a length of 1.52m with both weighing in at 2,420kg. 

The trailer was an Ifor Williams LM125, which has a gross weight capacity of 3,500kg, a net weight of 650kg, so a payload of 2,900kg.  With an internal length of 3.62m and an internal width of 1.68m.  

Safely securing Access Platforms side by side is very different from safely securing a single platform, so it was a pleasure to see the well-trained driver complete the task with competence and relative ease. 

The ideal trailer to accommodate these two machines safely and legally on their journey to satisfy yet another Uphire UK customer. 

At Pinnacle Platforms we too offer a trailer delivery service, so if your need is next day, and the logistics allow…why not put Pinnacle Platforms to the trailer test.

Wagons Roll.

Wagons Roll.

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