The Disruptors

From start-up and acquiring the exclusive rights to market Sinoboom products across Great Britain, Pinnacle Platforms opened their first facility and is already bigger and busier than it perhaps ever imagined.

Co-Directors Tim White and Wayne Lawson have extensive backgrounds in the powered access sector, so success was likely and perhaps on the cards. Pinnacle Platforms will in November 2022 celebrate its second year in business.

Let’s take a look back at the story so far:

“Year one has been very pleasing, more pleasing however is that every single customer, became a repeat customer, with the quality of the equipment and service feedback as the abiding factors. We like that, as we work hard to support customers with availability, warranty, service and on time deliveries,” Tim begins.

“We have been fortunate to have the supply of plentiful stock to match the growing demand. This has been achieved through our Sinoboom agreement, at both a global and European level and what can only be described as outstanding logistics from Sinoboom BV in Holland.

Manufacturers of construction equipment are nevertheless prone to the problems of transport costs and material shortages. How has Pinnacle been able to circumvent such concerns?

Sinoboom China is expanding rapidly around the world, the smart investment in its supply chain and exports to its subsidiary in Holland, ensures we receive weekly stock updates, and our deliveries are always only two days away.

It helps that the delivery manager has a background in the access industry, and that he understands the urgency of the UK market.”

From small beginnings just a couple of years ago to its current success, does the company still consider itself to be a start-up?

“We are a start-up, but we consider ourselves a reluctant disruptor,” exclaims Tim.

“Reluctant because we launched this venture in a post Brexit, pre-Pandemic space.  We had to do things differently, be innovative, be digital, it was social media for us, not social distancing. The product is the star and it always will be, the sense is our customers seem to like what they have experienced thus far”.

Now that the company is more firmly established, what is the target for the years ahead?

“Our first two-year expectations versus the reality pleasantly surprised Wayne and I, we are delighted with our result have set ambitious goals and targets for 2023 and beyond”.

Pinnacle only markets electric articulating booms, vertical lifts and scissor lifts from the wider Sinoboom portfolio. Are there any plans to expand the UK offering?

“There is an opportunity to broaden our range and we will always listen to our customers. But right now, we are focused on offering a fully electric, maintenance free battery, zero emission fleet”.  

Pinnacle Platforms have been prominent on the UK exhibition scene, after a highly successful Vertikal Days and Executive Hire Show events. “We believe in showing our products to people, and like doing so. I don’t think these events are necessarily about doing deals, so our aim is to introduce the brand to potential customers and allow them to see the build quality, we’ll let the product do the talking”.

Wagons Roll.

Wagons Roll.

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